John Bryan was born in 1958.

John is married to Rena and has one daughter Cathy and one son James. Rena job shares in Kilkenny Hospital’s maternity unit.

The Bryan family have a history o commitment to society and to farming. John’s grandfather was a founder member of the Irish Land League in 1884.

John’s uncle, Dan Bryan, fought in the War of Independence, became a Captain in the Free State Army and was Director of Military Intelligence during the 2nd World War.

Bryan joined the Gardai in 1977. He was based in Dublin but missed farming and rural life. John returned to farming after 3 years in the force.

John started farming with 89 acres, 25 from the home farm and 64 which he inherited from an aunt.

Today John Bryan farms the 173 acres he now owns and another 100 which he leases.