Call for Review of Cost of Farming Bureaucracy

The cost of the high level of regulation and inspection in farming must be included in the strategy to cut costs in the public sector, said IFA presidential candidate, John Bryan.

“There is currently one Department of Agriculture official for every 30 farmers. This compares to one gárda for every 400 citizens at a time when many rural dwellers are living in terror.”

“The large number of officials from other state agencies and local authorities involved in regulating farming further increases the ratio of inspectors to farmers. At a minimum, we are looking at one official for every 25 farmers,” said John Bryan.

John Bryan committed that, if elected IFA President, he would insist on a root and branch review of the full inspection regime in farming.

“Regulation has become an industry in itself. Farmers and taxpayers cannot afford nonsensical rules. A prime example is the latest proposal on electronic sheep identification. This is bureaucratic madness,” he said.

John Bryan said the proposal to close a large number of gárda stations is causing grave worry in rural areas.

“Having visited thousands of farm homes in recent months, I am shocked at the high level of fear that exists in rural areas right across the country. As a society, we cannot tolerate so many of our citizens living in permanent terror. The closure of gárda stations will make this situation even worse,” he said.

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