Inspections of Farms Involved in Grain Trading an Insane Use of Resources

Unannounced inspections by the Department of Agriculture of farms involved in farm-to-farm trading of grain has been described as an insane use of scarce national resources by IFA presidential candidate, John Bryan.

He said the inspections, apparently at the behest of the grain trade, are yet another example of bureaucracy gone mad.

“With the current shortage of feed and unprecedented income difficulties, farm-to-farm grain trading should be strongly promoted.  Instead, department officials are treating farmers as criminals,” said John Bryan.

He said this latest example of nonsensical bureaucracy is in stark contrast to the Department’s appalling inspection record that led to the dioxin crisis at the end of last year.

“On the Department’s own admission, a waste food facility handling high risk material was not inspected in well over a year.”

“Singling out farmers who are trying to survive through direct sales and purchases of safe, quality assured grain is a scandalous waste of money at a time when every farm scheme is being savagely cut.  The Department should disclose what the real agenda is behind this latest bout of needless bureaucracy,” said John Bryan

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